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Privacy Concerns For Webcam Models

Privacy is very important to most of the webcam models. Some of the reasons for wanting to keep your identity secret is to prevent creepy stalkers from finding you. Other concerns include keeping it secret from certain friends and family members along with other people that might know you.

Luckily, there’s some tools that all the adult sites offer to help protect your privacy. There’s also some other steps that you can take to further protect yourself from being discovered by people you know. He’s the tools that are available and some of the privacy concerns out there.


Never Use Your Real Name When Performing

Before you register for a camming site and start performing, you’ll want to create a stage-name to use. This is going to be your adult industry identity and you’re going to use it on any networks you register for, any social media accounts you create and so-on. Make sure it’s a sexy name and something you like, as you’re going to be using it a lot. Here’s some tips for picking out an adult performer name.


Take Advantage Of Regional Blocking Features

Pretty much every camming site or adult network gives you the option of blocking specific regions. If you’re in the United States, you can usually block specific states, otherwise it’s usually the entire country. It’s a good idea to block the place you’re from to keep friends, family or acquaintances from seeing you perform. You never know who’s browsing camming sites and it can save you from surprises.

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Hide Your IP Address (VPN)

If you plan on emailing fans and customers, you’ll want to consider hiding your IP address. Email clients collect the IP addresses of the senders and there’s some tools that can be used to identify the IP address and get a general location through reverse IP-lookup. It’s also possible to identify an IP address through website stats and other means. Luckily it’s easy and not that expensive to hide your IP address. To block your IP address, get a proxy provider / VPN. Proxies such as these will do a lot of things to help protect your IP address and other information that could possibly compromise your identity.

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Be Vague About Profiles and Information

If you’re concerned about privacy, the less personal information you offer the better. Some sites allow you to indicate where your location is. Many models will only use the country and some models will use a fictitious state or region. Misinformation can be great for privacy, but make sure you’re able to keep your story straight. Also, avoid giving out information that can help identify you, such as your real birthday, what schools you’ve attended, where you like to vacation or anything else that can help piece together the puzzle of your identity.


Make Sure The Place You Perform At Is Interruption Free

If you’re camming at your house, you want to do it in a way and during times when you won’t be interrupted by people stopping by. Just imagine if someone just walked into your room in the middle of a performance. Not only would this be a very embarrassing scenario, but whoever interrupts you will find out about your secret profession. This could lead it to being revealed to other people you know. In addition, having to deal with distractions is bad for business.


Keep A Part Time Job (Or Go To School)

In real life, you’ll have people asking you what you do for a living. You could lie about your profession (some type of remote work?) but lies tend to catch up to you eventually. If you keep a part-time job, you’ll always have a go-to answer. Best of all, that answer is easily verifiable. People might actually see you at your work. Going to school is another good option, as many people do that with loans, savings or with help from family. Most people don’t question college students having spending cash.


Finding and Removing Stolen Content From Other Sites

For beginner models, this probably won’t be much of an issue, but when you get bigger this will become something to consider. There are people that will try to record your shows and try reposting other content you produce over the internet. It might be via social media or it might be uploaded to tube sites. If you watermark your content, you might view this as free marketing. If you’re concerned about your privacy, however, this could be an issue.

Unlike your camming site that allows for regional blocking, the tube sites don’t have such a feature. Same with social media. Therefore, you’re not protected from people you know finding your content.

There’s tons of ways to go about removing it. It’s possible to report stolen content to the administrators of tube sites or social media sites. The webmasters are concerned about DMCA complaints, and most are very responsive when it comes to reported content. If they do not remove the content from the website, it’s possible to submit a DMCA complaint to the hosting provider.

There’s also tools that you can use to automatically find and report stolen / pirated content. This is the ultimate protection, as it’ll actively scan the internet for your content.

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Social Media Privacy Concerns

Social media is a great way of promoting your camming shows. Unfortunately, it also poses some security concerns. Unlike the camming network or other adult sites that let you block specific regions, social media can be viewed by anyone. Sure, there are steps you can take like protecting your tweets or Instagram account, but there’s no regional control feature available.

Although I recommend that every cam model uses social media for promotion, it must be acknowledged that there’s the slim chance that someone you know finds you on social media. The same goes with any other web properties you setup outside of the networks you’re performing on.


Be Careful With Wishlists

With certain sites offering wishlists (such as Amazon) it’s possible to get tracking information for wishlist purchases. This can compromise a camming model’s identity. There are certain ways to work around this. The adult-friendly sites are generally a lot more discrete. Some studios offer wishlist services where they receive the package at their address and then ship it directly to you. Some models will get a PO Box outside of their hometown and use that for their wishlist mailing address.


Learn More About Becoming A Camming Model

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